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At CL Construction Services, we light up your business with comprehensive commercial electrical services. Offering exceptional solutions to complex issues, our team of experts ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity in your electrical systems.

Commercial Electrical Services in Amherst, NH, and Surrounding Areas

Your business thrives when everything functions seamlessly. At CL Construction Services, LLC, we guarantee that your electrical systems meet your needs with our comprehensive range of commercial electrical services. Based in Amherst, NH, our services extend to clients throughout southern New Hampshire, providing robust and reliable solutions. From electrical panel repair, replacement, and upgrades to comprehensive troubleshooting and repair, we handle all aspects of your commercial electrical needs. Our services extend to both interior & exterior wiring and custom lighting for optimal functionality. In addition, we offer light fixture replacement and generator installation, while also catering to new construction electrical systems.

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Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Our dedication to safety is absolute. We understand that a safe environment is vital for any commercial operation. This is why we prioritize the installation of GFCI and AFCI outlets – essentials in electrical safety codes in many regions, including garages, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our safety services extend to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, hardwired smoke detectors, GFCI circuits, AFCI circuits, kid-proof safety outlets, and more. We also provide emergency generators and conduct thorough whole-house safety inspections.

lluminating Your Business Prospects

At CL Construction Services, located in Amherst, NH, and extending services throughout southern New Hampshire, we are dedicated to illuminating your business opportunities. How do we do it? By providing unparalleled indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Our diverse range of offerings includes emergency exit lights, recessed lights, LED recessed lights, ceiling fans, rope lights, low voltage lights, and much more. Whether you’re in need of chandeliers, traditional light fixtures, wall sconces, or vanity lights, we’ve got you covered. We even offer under-cabinet lights and fluorescent track lights to cater to your specific requirements.

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